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Multi-Generational Luxury

This multi-generational luxury home with scenic lot is spectacular both in uniqueness and practicality.  This home was designed with an additional private, yet attached, living quarters suitable for aging parents, live-in nannies, or adult children.  Capturing views is a top priority when Arnold Builders designs homes; this one is no different, with views of the serene creek from almost every room for the owner’s enjoyment.  Featuring natural stone throughout, granite countertops, custom cabinetry and uniquely designed ceiling treatments this home exemplifies the uniqueness in each Arnold Builders home.

Our goal was to build a home we would love so much we’d want to live there forever. We also wanted a beautiful home with a great view and feel this home is the perfect fit for our needs. We trusted Bobby and his team…we are so happy with our decision!
— Joseph & Trichelle Newman