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Transitional Elegance

This transitional home offers a blend of contemporary and soft, comfortable rustic chic.  The home was designed to take in views of the luxurious pool and outdoor living, which feature a fire-pit, waterfalls and a tranquil rain wall.  This gourmet kitchen is fabulous, with a full sized butler pantry, over-sized island and luxury appliances.  This is a 4 or 5 bedroom home with a study and game room/media room. 

We chose Arnold Builders not only for the high level of detail and quality that is evident in their work, but for the unique process of creating a custom home that truly sets them apart from other builders. After interviewing past clients of Arnold Builders, it was the high level of integrity that convinced us that Arnold Builders was the right choice for us. From the earliest design stages to the final construction, their people have been first rate in every way. We are thoroughly enjoying the house and don’t think we would change a thing if we were to do it over again.
— Joel & Christi Ming